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I purchased the guitar from because I was interested in playing with a 7-string. I found it in their catalog on the back page of close-outs and specials. It's price was why I chose it; at $180 I couldn't resist it.

It's very solid; the finish is nice and construction is impeccable. It's heavy, but it's good like that; I like the weight and the action. It doesn't need much tuning despite serious string bending, and the fingering is easy with low action, just right for my preference. The neck isn't as thick as I expected, but that's a good thing, too. I dig the finish of the neck to, a fine smooth texture. It is a good looking guitar, too, if a little plain. The sound is alright. It has good resonance and I enjoy playing it unplugged when I need to be quiet.

To tell you the truth there is little that I don't like about it. The design is a little rough, but with that body style what can you expect. The sharp angles are a little dangerous at times. It's weight can almost be burdnsome and it's not the most comfortable guitar for playing seated. The sound lacks some presence which I attribute mostly to the pick-ups, but I can't comment much on that.

As I mentioned in my likes, this is one of it's best features. It is very solid. Good quality materials, fine woods, impeccable finish, and solid hardware. I had never even handled a Dean guitar before, and I must say I was impressed. Superior to anything else in this price range.

It is a well-constructed instrument; it feels good if you like 'em heavy with smooth action. Perfect for what I wanted it for and more. A great bargain. I think it could be worth the list price if the pick-ups were slightly better.

Dave S. rated this unit 4 on 2001-12-07.

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