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I purchased the Dean Platinum V at a great guitar shop in Shoreline a city just north of Seattle called Guitarville. I wanted a V - but did not want to spend tons of money on a Gibson V. I paid $399.00 for it.

I really wanted a V and did not think I could find any that would play as well as a Gibson. When I saw the Dean Platinum V I was immediately impressed with its looks. I have one that is deep red with crome hardware. Its a flashy looking guitar. The finish on it is outstanding. The guitar is solid and well built. The action on the guitar is great and it sounds great -even when played without amplification. It has incredible sustain on notes and chords. Absolutely no buzzing or rattling.

I like everything about the guitar with one small exception, the guitar chord jack is located on the front of the guitar and, as a result, the chord looks like it is protruding out of the front. The jack should have been located out of the way on the side.

The guitar is solid. Not too heavy and not too light, just right. It has a bolt on maple neck but that does not seem to be a problem. The finish on the guitar is incredible for the price. It is a deep red with sparkles throughout the finish. It does not scratch easily. All the hardware is top quality.

I would recommend this guitar to anyone looking for a V and an alternative to a more costly Gibson V. This guitar feels and sounds as nice as any guitar I have played.

Bob rated this unit 5 on 2002-02-02.

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