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Been playing for several years. Generally I play rock from '80s-'90s. Ted Nugent, Zakk Wylde's early Ozzy years, Queensryche, ZZ Top, Steve Lukather. Not in a band but would like to try it some day.

Went over to a Dean authoorized dealer in my area called Pantera and sampled the many dean's they had in stock as I have several times before. It needs to be known that I recently purchased a Dean USA Soltero from them at a heck-uv-a price and I have written a review on that as well. please see that review here on this site. I needed another Soltero but could not afford to do it twice in such a short time without ticking off the wife so I was lucky enough to notice that the new Soltero SL, made in Japan instead of the USA custom shop, came into stock from it's first US delivery. It cost $1,000.00 less than the USA model. They actually arrived this weekend, dealer overnighted it for me without charging the extra price of that over-night Saturday delivery shipping fee which cost him a bundle. I tried the two that they received and went to town. Cherryburst and Transamber were the flavors received. Picked the Transamber and never been happier for a guitar that cost less than $2,900.00. I paid $1,999.00 and I am sooo happy! thanks Pantera.

This guitar is as well made as any in any anywhere close to it's price range. All hardware is top notch. Only difference between the Soltero SL and the USA Soltero are the following: Soltero SL is Japan made, and absolutely top notch work put into it. It is a clone of the higher priced USA Soltero. USA model is USA made of course. Soltero SL has a C-neck instead of the V-neck USA model. Inlay in the neck of the Soltero SL is dot and Dean designed inlay in abalone as where USA Soltero model is Dean's exotic inlay across the board and is abalone and sterling silver. soltero SL is not chambered as where USA Soltero is chambered. Both have the identical DiMarzio Custom wound pickups made specifically for the USA Soltero. These pickups are exclusives and can't be bought for your other guitars as I found out Friday from DiMarzio. Absolutely awesome pickups and lightly hotter than the Seymour duncan 59's and JB's. I love the Dimarzio's!!! both units are equally shaped and sized with the same quality in wood selected. Mahogonay body and neck with a thick, awesomely figured 3/4" Maple top with that awesome Dean cut that goes down through the body just above the neck pickup. That's an unreal design that I am loving more every time I pickup these two guitars. Please read the review I posted on the USA Soltero model so you can get an idea of how this puppy sings. They are identical in performance so I can tell you that the Soltero SL model will be played three times as much as the more expensive USA Soltero. The USA model I have is an autographed, one of the first 100 made so it will be my collectors piece for sure.

Well, this is hard because the Soltero SL is basically the same jewel as the USA Soltero, just a $1,000.00 cheaper. I guess I have nothing to say other than I wish I had a couple more for different changeups when I play. Really a sweet, sweet instrument folks.

Guitar differences are listed above when comparing the USA model to this Japan built model. Damn near the same guitar, especially when visually comparing wood. Built like a tank without the weight! This is important guys, weighs right about 8-3/4 lbs. USA model with that chambered body is right at 8-lbs. Once again, awesome Axe! Glad the folks at Pantera overnighted two of them for us. Great folks. Hope my buddy gets the other one.

Well, I thinnk I have said enough between the two reviews so I won't repeat it other than this, I am glad I did not have to pay $3,800.00 for a Les Paul Custom model when I have been able to get an imported jewel that surpases the gibson custom shop quality for half the price. Please go play one if you can find an authorized dealer in your area. You will be blown away at the build quality and tonal uniqueness. These are bitchin guitars.

Nicholas rated this unit 5 on 2007-10-15.

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