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I bought this Dean Tonic brand new frm ebay for$125.00 plus freight.I bought it afer I tried one out at a local store,and really loved the action and neck.I ws looking for eithe one of hese,or an OLP MM1 ,which really impressed me too.I found this one,without any bids yet,at the going,going,gone section,and won it for a great price.

The neck is great,especiallyfor the price.I like the action as well as any guitar I'veever played.It has Grover tuners,two pickups,and a 5 way switch.

The only thing don't care for is the position of the pickup switch.Its possible to accidently move the switch while playing.

It seems to be really wel built,and I've been playin it a lot.

I love this guitar,and the price for this kind of axe is great-at least for what I piad for it.Theyeven sent me two sets of strings for free,when I said I likd it fine,but the string sweren't my favorites!

Jon Neet rated this unit 4 on 2003-01-19.

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