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I picked up this beauty from my local music shopin my home town. I went in intending to buy an Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty or Standard LP, but this struck me as an agressive, heavy axe that would be perfect for heavy-riffing rhythm metal. I paid 250pounds for it, and do not regret it!

This axe is basically a Dean version of the Gibson Explorer. It comes with a perfect black or sunburst finish (mine is black), has no scratch plate and has a V shaped headstock. All of this make for a real winner in the looks department. The chrome hardware is sturdy and well put on. I like the V shaped stop-piece too. Beautifullt smooth and fast neck, hazel with rosewood fretboard and pearl dot inlays. Wonderful low action. Amazing setup straight out of the box. Perfect. The dual Dean humbuckers provide a wonderful sound, from muddy to bright and everything in-between. The weight is distributed perfectly. Probably better for big players like me (i'm 6ft 7!!) as it is bulky and quite heavy.

My only quibble with this axe is the aesthetics of the pickups. They are open-coil zebra pickups:- Half white, half black. Thats it!

Bolt-on neck - perfect for one of these. Alder body - holds sound beautifully NO loose screws, harware etc... Fretwork SUPERB Tune-O-Matic bridge perfect. NOT GIVEN ME ANY TROUBLE.

As an alternative to the Gibson Explorer, for a beginner or a pro, this is perfect. Screaming looks, screaming sounds... I recommend this to ANYONE, buy one now!! No hesitation in giving this 6 stars!

Riffmaster rated this unit 5 on 2001-08-21.

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