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i bought it with an Ibanez grx-40 for 120 dollars from a friend. I bought it because i wanted to play electric guitar for sometime and this was a good deal.

I like how it has a good high gain sound at low volumes. It also has a good single coil sound on my cheap(but good!) ibanez. It can sound like a violin or bagpipe on high gain.

I can turn the volume knob past 4 with high gain, or i get immense amounts of screeching feedback. Also there is barely any bass. Turning the bass knob down doesn't even do much. It also doesn't have a mid knob. In addition I wish it had 2 channels. This amp is terrible to play at higher volumes! I play it usually pretty quiet, but when i played it at 4 or 5 volume setting with distortion or clean, it gets really muddy. I can't tell the distortion for each string, it all muds together. The clean at high volume bleeds together. The headphone socket works, but the quality is terrible. My mom's cheap cd player has better bass than this amp on the same headphones. All in all it has many poor things about it.

It constructed okay, i guess. feels plastic. I haven't dropped it so i wouldn't know if it is tough. All i know is it has an open back, it is quite old(mid or later 90s maybe???) so maybe the speaker has dried out. I don't know how the previous owner treated it, all i know is he barely played it and it was kept in a closet or something.

This amp is not that great. I plan on getting a Marshall 15 watt amp when i get enough money. I am an intemediate player, self taught, and i know there are plenty of good amps out there, that are better, so i will just keep saving up.

irishguitar rated this unit 2 on 2004-11-14.

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