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The amp came as part of my Dean Avalanche Playmate package. The whole set cost somewhere around 300 dollars. I figure 200 was the guitar and 100 the amp.

The amp sounds good for usage in small rooms. My house has small rooms, and louder amps would be a total overkill. Still, I've made major plans to upgrade to some larger amps or cabinets. It provides good distortion. Me and my friends record lots of sounds on my cassette player and the amp always picks well. It has gain, volume, and lots of equalizing. There is also a boost button which works kind of like a heavier distortion channel.

The amp has no effects. I've had to spend lots of money purchasing pedals to keep myself interested. The second I took it out of the house, I was overwhelmed with how insufficient its volume was in other peoples' basements and Morton buildings. I'm considering playing it without the back panel attached. I've heard that some amps sound better that way. I've had it off before, but soon reattached it. The coolest thing I've done to it is attach a Peppermint Patty sticker to the front. It's pretty sweet, even if the amp isn't.

The amp itself is pretty solid. The little Dean logo snapped halfway off, but that doesn't affect the sound, so why should I really care.

If you can get this amp cheap, than it's good as a practice amp. It's worked well for me. It's got clean sounds, fuzzy sounds, and lots in between. If that's all you're looking for, than the amp is perfect for you.

Warchicken rated this unit 3 on 2004-01-02.

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