Dennis Zager Zager ZAD 20 String Science Reviews 5

Purchased from the Zager guitar web site.Price paid $295.I have been playing for 1 year after a 25 year layoff and was stuggling with forming chords and very sore fingers.After looking at the these guitars for a long time and reading reveiws and talking to Denny Zager jr via e-mail I bought the ZAD20.

The acoustic arrived 3 days after placing my order.It came with an extra set of Martin ex light strings.The ZAD 20 was in perfect shape and the first thing I noticed was the very low string height at the top 3 frets.The string height at the 12th fret was lower than my washburn d10s also but the top string height was so low you would expect all kinds of buzz.But you have no string buzz just a very easy time forming chords and bar chords.This helped speed my play up and my finger tips did not get irratated at all so this makes playing for extended periods a joy.Plus the Zagers back up the string science and there guitars with a 100 per cent money back warranty.They really do or they will send a new guitar what ever you want.E-mails are returned in no time every question is replied to.These are the best people I have ever bought anything from.I bought my daughter a Zager string science acoustic 3 weeks later.

There is nothing I dislike about the ZAD20

Fit and finish are more than equal to any acoustic I have bought or tried under $600.

Zager string science acoustics are well worth the price.The guitars are set up to help people who cannot buy a more expensive guitar.The nut and saddle are modified and frets are hand filed.In looking before I bought this I tried a Martin DX1 but it was not close to the ZAD20 for playabilty.The closest guitar was the Alvarez MD85 un matching string height and ease of play but this was a $800 guitar

dcibby rated this unit 5 on 2004-08-18.

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