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This is the first and only drums set l have , my main purpose of buying this stuff is to meet up with my mates that have been playing this instruments before me. l used it to play my outings, sometimes for the churches that have any programmes to do. l bought it for N25000.00 naira Nigerian currency since three years ago. Since then, have never have another.

It gives any tune you wish when you tune it well. Stands well on ground any where any place you mount it. The snare drums is very sharp and gives correct sounds even though l can't play to well but people still appreciate the sounds and sharpness of it.The bass drum is also good that if you did not mic it when playing, it gives correct sound.THe floor toms and the two side toms also funtions well. When used for MAKOSA dances, it really performs up to expectation. It is really good.

The seat is one of the problems am having on this drums set it is never balance when playing and am not used to it anyway because l sometimes use chairs that l will doubled for my playing any were l am. The hires is also a problem to me, it is fine in face but it bends when playing and l have to start straightning it again for some minutes before l can continue playing and causes most of the disattractions given to the music. The symbols also do the same when playing and l don't enjoy myself sometimes when using this unit for outings.

It is a very good quality anyway, because i don't use it any how most especially so it is not of problem to me. l don't allow people to use it anyhow, l only give a chance to those that are better of then me to play. it is made of a light wood so it needs to be handle carefully, so that it does not get spoit easily. Most of the outings are not on good stage, sometimes on ordinary ground which galloping anyway and it does not give room for balance to the drums. l can't blame anybody for that, the sticks are well constructed and nice for playing.

In totality, it is a very good drums which can be played any were on land so far. Churches, Bands, Groups e.t.c can make use of it and it is very good for practicing. l played it always and am now some how perfect on it.

hal leonard rated this unit 3 on 2002-09-30.

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