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I found this bass in an ad on the net. I had never heard of Dillion before. The add featured pics and I instantly liked the style of this instrument. The add called it a Dillion ' Prototype Bass ' with active electronics. I have not been able to find info on the model I have. It has no model # and is a 2 piece construction. I paid $460.00cdn for it used but it is mint with the plastic protectors still in place on all the covers.

I have been looking for a good second 5 string bass for a long time now. I have tried almost every common brand available (new and used). I did not find anything that felt as good as my Yamaha BB5000 until I found the Dillion. This bass looks and feels great. I think the quality is of a bass costing twice to three times as much. The neck has a rosewood finger board with mother-of-pearl inlays of dolphins...really cool and classy. The body is done in a semi-transparent burgundy. It is of 2 piece construction and access to the top of the neck is better than my main bass (or at least it use to be my main bass...). The neck is longer on the Dillion. . What can I say I love this bass. You can check my axe out soon on the following website: www.theadopted.com Cheers from Canada!

Ah, nothing.

The hardware is of good quality...I like the action of the machine heads...taught but not tight. The sound is very good. Overall I think this bass is put together with care.

This bass is great! You can't beat the price for this quality in my opinion. It is perfect for me and the style I play.

Anthony rated this unit 5 on 2003-03-19.

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