Dillion VM500 Reviews 5

I bought it used (very little) for 200 bucks at a guitar center. After playing new and used guitars, even music man's and pedulus's, this base still felt and sounded better. I later found out the list price is 625 bucks.

The action on this bass is great. It has a music man 5 string design with the 4 and 1 headstock design. Great sound, great looks for an even better price. It has one of the giant pole piece humbuckers on it that have that growl that you can only get from vintage basses. good tone control with 2 knobs too.

i love everything about it.

this thing is put together with care. i pound my basses when i play them and it can take every bit of it and more.

great instrument for a great price. sounds better and plays better than half of the expensive models out there.

Eric rated this unit 5 on 2003-05-12.

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