Dillion VX4BA Bass Reviews 5

Bought brand new at Soundworks for $400

The second I plugged this bass in I loved it, the tone, the feel, the weight all of it was excellent. It has 24 frets for when you feel the need for a higher solo than a standard 20 can put out. The action is set perfectly and the active electronics are helpful. It sounds great wether it is slapped, plucked or even played with a pick.

If you have a 15, 20 or even 30W amp, you may wanna turn the electronics down a bit cause even one click past 0 on the bass knob will rumble your amp like you wont beleive.

The body is small but not too small, just right for many players. The longer horn also reduces neck dive greatly.

I highly reccomend this bass for anyone

Sean rated this unit 5 on 2004-02-19.

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