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I paid $425 for this guitar about 5 weeks ago. I purchsed it through an Ebay auction brand new from the seller qualityguitars.com I purchased this guitar because my best friend owns a beautifull PRS copy, and these are the best reviewed guitars I have ever seen.

I liked the overall weight of the unit. I liked the ballance of the instrument. The good quality woods are thick are rigid. Definately felt like a real axe.

The guitar was just defective all the way around. But you guys couldn't imagine how badly defective it is & how many things are wrong with it that a blind monkey could tell you it is a bad guitar! The guitar sucked for every reason you want a guitar other than the ones I mentioned in the previous paragraph.

The construction of the major elements of the body were tight. The cap looked very good. But there are so many defects on the guitar, I do no know where to start. The holes drilled for the tuners were placed in rediculous places that looked awfull. On the back they drilled the mounting holes on angles & (2) of them were so close together that they could not be replaced with even a typicall Klusion tuner! The black paint on the head stock was barely there. You could see throught to the wood at some places! Others spots looked like they were spray-painted. The inlays on the neck were pretty bad, but the one on the headstock was garbage. The pickups were not properly secured & the bridge one in particular would shake! The trus rod cover was missing a screw! The edge of the headstock facing the neck pickup looked like it was cut using a chainsaw. The back area where the neck meets the body in the little nook there was paint bubbling up! The binding looked worse than the cheapest decent Les Paul copy I have ever seen, & I am not saying that because I am angry. People need to hear the truth. My Epiphone Les Paul was better than this guitar in every respect. And it even rates a bit better.(Les Paul Classic Quilt)Nobody even inspected or set up this guitar. It came with .99 cent strings on it(that is what they cost at Sam Ash) I was very dissapointed because it was just the worst looking guitar in many respects. But in some it still felt like it had more dignity than the others.

There are better choices than Dillion guitars. They are not for the beginner looking to get his first guitar. I would not recommned these to someone who is prepared for what may come. Because I was sent a replacement guitar which was not set up at all, had bad fret work on it. Not to mention a sloppy binding & the neck has to be fixed due to a minor defect. I have to spend an additional $125! This was supposed to be a replacement for a defective guitar?

Max Power rated this unit 1 on 2003-03-31.

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