Dillion DMG75 - Mosrite copy Reviews 4

Purchased from dealer through internet. Paid $400. I originaly was going to get a Univox High Flyer, but came across this guitar instead.

It's a very good copy. The workmanship is outstanding (fret dressing, finish, etc...). It has p90's for pick-ups, very high output, distorts very easily. It sounds very close to a Mosrite. The finish is beautiful, a very deep metalic blue. It definately has that Ventures vibe to it.

The neck shape is really the only disapointing part for me; It's too wide and the radius is too flat for my taste, It resembles a Gretsch or Charvel neck, and almost gives the impression of being concave at first. Some people like this type of neck however. The nut was cut hastily, and it binds some of the strings, this makes it hard to stay in tune when you use the Bigsby type tremolo it has. After a little work, It plays fine though. This is not uncommon for new guitars no matter what they cost. The neck is made from two pieces of maple joined around the third fret. And though I've been told that this type of construction is very sturdy and resists warping, I've only really seen it on cheap Gibson Marauders. All of these things are rather minor points however.

Other than the nut, the construction and Quality are way above a $400 guitar, and considering this is a Korean import, that's pretty remarkable. The fret binding along the neck is a really nice touch. The body is basswood, and as I mentioned the finish is very nice. The Bigsby type trem adds a lot of weight to the body, which in turn gives it a nice fat tone. The German carving on the body is nice, but a little different from a Mosrite, probably for copyright reasons.

Bottom line is This guitar is much better quality than one can expect from a $400 asian import. If you like this type of neck, it's really top of the line, and miles beyond a Univox in both playability and workmanship. Well worth the price.

Coffin Dagger rated this unit 4 on 2001-07-01.

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