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i have had this bass for over 20 years(its my first bass) and have definitely gotten my moneys worth. it has a shiny black finish short scale ( 29 inches) (think a bass the size of a guitar)22 fret mahogany fretboard, the frets are okay takes xtra lite strings(.40 .60 .70 .95) the body i am pretty sure is cheap plywood lol.the neck is a bit on the slow side. it has a p-bass style shape and has p-bass style humbucking pick ups. it puts out a great sound i will admit the pickups in it rock

i bought it at a music store in Huntington beach ca over 20 years ago.i got it to learn how to play bass.

the pickups are great in it for one and though the neck is on the slow side its an easy to play neck. its a great starter bass and is comfortable to play. its a durable little bass has taken much abuse over the years and still doesn't look bad

neck is on the slow side the tone and volume pots are cheap ( soon to be replaced) i had to replace the bridge the bridge it came with was too hard to intonate one action and intonation were controlled one screw each on a shared saddle 2 strings per saddle. i put a more adjustable bridge on it

plywood body, bolt on neck. cheap pots, average tuners, plastic nut, mahogany fretboard i think, originally a very cheap bridge, great humbucking pickups (on the hot side with a nice warm low end)

its a great little bass to be honest. i have put it through much abuse and have mistreated it much too often lol, and its still putting out great sound and plays as well as it did when i got it. it is a great starter bass. hell i have held on to it 20 years lol

arakrune rated this unit 3 on 2009-12-25.

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