Dixon SE Series Reviews 4

I didnt pay for it it was given to me by my guitar teacher, so i have no clue if dixon is still around or even how old the guitar is.

This is a VERY SHINY BLACK FINISH guitar. when I am looking for a guitar, shininess is like one of my top factors. It has a really solid body and dual humbuckers (i like that word, humbucker humbucker humbucker!). it has that pure solid elctric tone with deep basses and screaming trebles. the action is nice and low, but not buzzy lowrider ass low. it stays in tune really well(even after slamming the fuck out of it). oh yeah, did i mention it was SHINY!!!!

if you are a beginner it has a sloooow muthafuckin ass neck. (think 56k internet connection speed.) but yet again, i may be hallucinating from playing my little fender classical. other than neck speed nothing was wrong

very well made. construction compares to high brands like fender, gibson, ect.

this is an all around good guitar for the intermediate and up guitarists. if you are beginning to play aviod this and get good finger speed. also if you already have one, practice on it before practicing your other faster guitars FIRST before practicing on or this one will feel like you are trying to play on 6 strings attached to a log. if i could i would give this a guitar a 4.5

MUNKEY LUVA! rated this unit 4 on 2003-04-10.

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