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I got this guitar from my local guitar manufacturers. It is the signature model used by Maxim J from Stereotypical. It cost me 2599. I bought it because I really like their music and wanted a seven string with a lot of tonal variety.

Well first of all the gutiar looks amazing, it has the stremelined look of an Ibanez JS, meaning it fits very comfortably around you when playing. It has 2 humbuckers which give it quite a suprising amount of tonal variety and when you pack on the gain it sounds great. It has a locking headstock and a floating trem on it. The neck has the brilliant feel of an up market Ibanez model. It also has a coil tap which enables you to use single coil tones as well, which is unusual on a seven string guitar. The tansaction from six to seven string was easy and effortless. Also the price was reasonable for how amazing the guitar was, I think it's one of the best guitars on the market currently. It's also good for collecters too and looks great in a display

N/A - nothing bad at all

It has a through neck giving easy access to the upper frets, although it usually isn't needed. The humbuckers are of excellent quality and the Locking trem system is great. There are no problems at all with the electrics which all work perfectly.

This is the best guitar ever! I strongly recomend it to anyone who wants a seven string guitar and has some cash floating about. It's deffinitely not an entry level gutiar though so don't buy it unless you're a serious guitarist or fan of stereotypical like myself!

Eric Johnson rated this unit 5 on 2004-09-01.

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