Donoho Drums Birch Shellpack Reviews 5

purchased new directly from the drummaker (Donoho) himself, through for $600, with free shipping

Quality shell construction, has mini lugs with gaskets, beautiful lacquer finish. The snare drum (14" x 5") sounds incredible, I also own a custom made maple shell orchestral snare that I love and paid over $600 for it used, but this Donoho snare sounds just as good, straight out of the box; and I got this entire 6 piece shellpack for less than the price of my orchestral snare. I don't know how Donoho makes any money on these drums, the value for the price paid is unbelievable. And shipping was FREE & FAST.


As I previously said, the shell construction is excellent, the bearing edges are flawless. Heavier duty hardware would be nice, but everything works great and the hardware is very high quality, especially considering what I paid for the drums. Sound great tuned up high or low.

I can't say enough good things about Donoho Drums; I've never posted any equipment reviews before, but I just felt compelled to let everyone know what an incredible deal these drums are.

miranda rated this unit 5 on 2004-05-01.

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