Dragonfire DFRR Randy Rhoads Guitar Kit Reviews 5

I ordered a Dragon Fire Randy Rhoads guitar kit in White, reversed head stocked, 24 fretted, shark tooth inlayed neck, all gold hardware,Floyd Rose copy with Zebra Screamer pick ups. After I finish assembling the guitar, I noticed the pick up were great sounding (N)8.3k ohms-(B) 16.9k ohms,(bridge) is like a cross between a Dimarzio X2N and Seymoure Duncan JB humbucker. The tremolo is very stable, stays in tune and has the classic Floyd Rose warbble. The body is made of Alder wood, routed for tremolo arm note raising, and everything was drilled just right. One con, they forgot to drill the hole to ground my guitar to the bridge plate, but it was no problem. I've been playing Metal, Thrash, Blues, Classic Rock, Neo-Classical Metal and 80's Metal forguitar 30+ years, teaching music theory-guitar for 21 years, toured in the U.S. and Canada. I know great gear when I play it, hear it and try it. Dragon Fire is an up and coming company.

I paid $324.95 to my door.


The guitar was built solid and I did a great assembly job due to the easy to follow instructions.

They forgot to drill the channel (hole) for my ground wire from the control cavity to the tremolo claw in the back, but I figured it out with no problem.

The Alder wood projects very well, the electronic was assembled over at the shop, all I had to do was solder in the pick ups and the ground wire. I own 2 Randy Rhoads-Jackson bolt-on models from the 1990's and this kit surpassed the Jacksons.

This guitar is a great bargain but you gotta have some guitar assembly experience to pull this off, but the instructions are clear enough for some one building for the first time.

AJ rated this unit 5 on 2010-05-08.

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