Dragonfire Ibanez Style Reviews 5

Brought From TNT guitars in Klamath Falls Oregon for the princely sum of $299, including a soft gig bag. It was brought as a practice guitar and as a foil to my Les Paul.

The red-burst quilt top looks fantastic, whilst the solid basswood body feels very solid and resonates beautifully. The components seem to be the same quality as you'd expect on a much more expensive model of guitar. Even the stock pickups aren't too bad if you play with the tone controls a bit. When I brought the guitar I was intending to replace the pickups, but I'm not sure I'll bother now.

Not a lot! The set-up could have been better out of the factory, but I have quite a specific set-up for all my guitars so I'd have only played with it anyway.

The construction and quality are, if anything, higher than the Ibanez and Dean guitars I used to own before becoming the Proud owner of a Gibson Les Paul. The body of the guitar is Basswood with a quilt maple cap to it (not massively thick but it does the job), and it has a 24 fret maple neck with a rosewood fretboard and a 'vine of life' inlay running down the length of the neck.

It will never replace my Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul, but that was ten times the cost of this guitar. If I still had my Ibanez or my Dean, they'd be up for sale right about now. My next guitar WILL be a Dragonfire.

Huw Jones rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-14.

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