Dragonfire MS-33 (Telecaster) Reviews 5

I bought it in town at the Dragonfire headquarters here in Klamath Falls. I paid a paltry $119.95 for it

I like the beautiful blue burst finish and the moto pickguard it came with. It also has a beautiful maple neck that has awesome flaming all along it. the guitar is gorgeous and it plays better than any Squier or even a cheap Fender. But hey, for the price, there is no way I am paying 600 bucks for a little better tone. I will just upgrade teh pickups someday, even though they are decent.

There is nothing that I have found that I can complain about. Well, maybe except for the wiring job that they come with from the factory. These Dragonfire guitars are, to put it simply, an unbelievable deal for the guitar you get. This price seems too low to be true, but it is not. These guitars will blow your mind without blowing all you cash.

This thing seems durable. I havent dropped it (and hopefully never will), but if I did I am sure the body would hold up, but like I said, I dont know about the wiring, but that is easy enough to fix.

This guitar is... well... there are not words. for $120 bucks, this CANNOT be beat by anything, period. There is no greater value than these. I also have a Les Paul from Dragonfire, and I have RECORDED with BOTH of these guitars without any distortion, and they both sound amazing. You just have to play one. Go to Guitarpartsonline.com to check them out. He also has PRS, Schecter, and Jackson copies too, and they rock as well (I know).

Zachariah rated this unit 5 on 2004-08-24.

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