Dragonfire MSF20 Jackson Style Reviews 4

Aquired at www.guitarpartsonline.com for a total sum of $199. The guitar has a solid alder body and maple top if you get the transparent colors like i did. 24 frets and a floyd. I needed a guitar with 24 frets and i had read numerous reviews on this brand plus its only $199 for a guitar with 24 fret sharkfin inlays, HSH pickup config, Floyd Rose, and transparent flamed maple top.

This guitar came to me in one of the best transparent blues i have ever seen. The sharkfin inlays are pearloid and look fantastic. The Floyd Rose is also very good, not the best but stays in tune. Neck Humbucker and the middle single sound awesome. Under clean conditions with the neck and single engaged i can get a perfect telecaster sound. With just the neck it sounds like a vintage LP.

The bridge pickup is very weak compared to the single and neck pickups. I know its a small and easily changeable problem but it needed to be mentioned anyway.

This thing is very heavy and built like a brick house. The floyd is very stable and stays in tune under very harsh conditions. The paint job on it was great, i had also purchased a set of chrome pickup covers to complete the chromed out look.

This is probably the best guitar value on the market today. The only place where Dragonfire skimped on anything was in the pickups. Even if you replace the pickups this axe will still cost you less than its name brand counter part. For 199 i dont think that you could go wrong with it. Give it a try and if you dont like it you can always send it back

nightswan1 rated this unit 4 on 2004-04-14.

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