Drive CD200B Bass Combo Amp Reviews 4

I bought this unit as part of a combo package from Musician's Friend for $149 (Rogue Bass, Amp, Strap, Cable)

This amp is just about perfect for practicing at home. Turn it on, set the volume at about 30% and you'll still have the wife coming in to yell at you to turn it down. :-) The speaker is very clean, and the sound is great for a $49 amp.

My only wish is that it had an effects loop. Other than that, I love it.

This 20 Watt amp weighs a portly 30 pounds! Very solid for such a "cheap" amp. Steel corners, removable grill, cool retro-styled knobs make this a real player.

The original bargain package included a rogue RB-20B Amp. I am so glad I held out for the Drive. Its a great amp, and perfect for my needs, until I find myself needing the half-stack. :-)

Jeff Koon rated this unit 4 on 2003-10-22.

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