Duros Granada 115 Reviews 4

I bought it in a Duros shop, in Paris. It was one of the cheapest model. It cost me 50 euros, or about 50 dollars. I needed a classical guitar because I wanted to start playing guitar.

Well it's cheap. You don't need a 500$ model to start guitar. It sound really good, a very fat sound. It have a beautiful resonance. I had many guitars after this one, and I still play with it sometime because if its only sound.

You cannot play after the 14th fret... it's really hard to. The tuning doesn't sound good with a bar chord after the 9 fret. My D string is the only one that brokes every month if I play a lot. weird... It might only happens on my model.

some good wood. a big big handle.

I love this guitar. Great to start. even if it has some inconvenients.

François rated this unit 4 on 2003-01-25.

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