Dynaflex Pro Gyro Powerball Reviews 5

I play guitar and bass, and play around with drums. I play rock, metal, heavy metal, etc.

I got this little unit from Willis Music for $30 a few months ago. It was one of the better prices I had found when S&H was included.

It does exactly what it says it does. Once you get the hang of how to turn and twist your hand, you can sort of "feel" the way you need to turn next, which is another good muscle and coordination builder. This little thing packs a punch. I had seen them around, like on healthyhands.com and stuff, but never really looked into them until I saw Tom Hamilton (the bassist for Aerosmith) warming up with one of them before the show. I'm glad I got one, because within a couple weeks my wrists and forearms are able to hold a chord figure for about twice as long, not to mention playing faster. Also a better grip on the sticks.

It's aggravating at first. For about 5 minutes (or less), you'll struggle getting it going and keeping it going. But once you do, you'll never forget how.

Name says it, Powerball. This thing is pretty solid. Thick, heavy plastic. It weighs, I'd guess, right at a pound or so.

This little thing is worth the money. You have all that power being transferred to your hand, you can't go wrong with this if you play an instrument or you're battling with some type of arthritis or carpul tunal. I'd buy it again tomorrow if I lost it.

Brandon rated this unit 5 on 2006-12-21.

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