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I paid 320 for the guitar, 120 for the case and 275 for the pickups...

I love this guitar, I like the black gold color. I like the maple neck which is nice to play on cuz you hand can be easily moved up and down the neck. It stay's in tune great I really dont have to tune it much, except when I leave the guitar in a hot or cold place for a long period of time, but still doesnt need to be tuned that often. I like the mother of pearl inlays and how they really dont stand out.

I dont like how the guitar is front heavy and when I go to fix my mic or something the guitar will slid down and I will have to bend down to pull it back up. A few time the strap lock had come outta the body, but its all good.

The guitar is a bolt-on, with 22 XJ frets, dot inlays, volume, tone, and 3-way toggle, black hardware TuneOMatic w/ stop tailpiece and EMG pickups 60n and 81b

ESP is my number 1 choose for guitars. They are very durable, Ive throw my guitar a few times and its never broke.

Derek Dozier rated this unit 5 on 2003-08-01.

I went to GC and got it for around 210.00. I bought it cuz i just needed a guitar and i was too anxious to wait.

I like the look of it and the colors you can get. The neck is kinda origional but the dots are shiny so i guess that is cool. Mine is black.

It chips and dings pretty easily. The balance is horrible cuz of the fuckin headstock. It is unbelievably huge, and part of the body makes the neck move down so i basically have do hold it up with my hand or just lean down to play it (which really sux). It stays in tune alright, but it is so friggin hard to get in tune. I dont know what the hell the problem is with it, but when i always try to get to drop D or C, it just totally misses. I am also finding that i break strings REALLY FRIGGIN often. I dont know if i play too hard or what, but the strings break as much as pam anderson has sex. The pickups are really assy too. Your tone will always lose definition at high volumes and when you palm mute it, it is all choppy and crap. Thats why i got a pair of EMG HZ's (those things kick so much ass). And it is pretty hard to clean.

Not too bad. But not too good either. I havent slammed it into my door so i wouldnt know. But like i said, it chips and dings easily.

Its an overall good guitar, but the price was a bit high. It is pretty good for metal and hard rock. But if you are gonna buy this thing, you may as well go get different pickups along with it, cuz the stock ones are crap. And go buy a bunch of packs of strings too. It wasnt a complete waste of money. . .

Sully Erna rated this unit 4 on 2003-06-05.

I got this off my friend for 250 with hardshell case. The only way you can buy this is used because they have newer one's now. If you would like to see this just watch metallica some time the guitaristJames Hetfield has one. If you get one you won't regret it.

It is sweet espically in black which i have blue and gold are cool oe diamond plate. 3 way pickup switch it's basically awesome. Good for rythm work but can also do lead work as well.

Nothing. it is hard to keep clean like all black guitars.

I have dropped this thing time and time agian cause of straps falling apart. it's aweosme doesn't scracth easily u need to work to get it to scracth except when it rubs agianst your body it scratches.

Matt rated this unit 4 on 2002-07-31.

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