ESP F300FM Reviews 5

i got this guitar from madhouse music in green bay wisconsin.i got this mostly for looks. but the sound is great.great for the price $589.00

LOOKS AND SOUND!!! fun to play like the guitar is a part of you. sounds great has a nice crisp sound you cant get from ibanez. this one guitar has made me a esp player for life.

first of all the sound is great can't complane about that. but if you get this guitar you have to love metal. thats what this guitar is made for. as far as looks go i don't like the innlays on the fretboard but that your own thing.

it's a high end guitar and it's from esp so you get what you pay for. i like the neckthrough body (with it you also get great sustaine) you get great quality in body and sound.

great guitar

David Williams (Rotterdam) rated this unit 5 on 2003-10-03.

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