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DUDEMAN137 rated this unit 4 on 2003-01-29.

I got this at local mars music, paid $279.

The action was good, and the humbuckers produce decent sounds for being stock. (I mean, stock humbuckers are stock humbuckers.) I've had this guitar for a while and it's shown no signs of wear, really, even though i ride my guitars pretty rough. The switching selector is pretty sturdy, and it fit my needs of not switching around too much... the knob heads haven't come off yet. The tuners are easy to turn and to use, and the whole guitar is basically easy to use... good for a beginner, but change the pickups and you have a guitar with sustain and power enough to take on a professional.

The tuning on this guitar, while not horrible, isn't the best. It gets out of tune when you do extreme bends and things, and needs to be tuned according to the weather (much more so than other guitars i've owned). The headstock is a little bit too weirded out for me, but that's a matter of personal taste.

This is a good axe for a beginner, and I would recommend that they start on one like this. However, the body provides considerable sustain and changed pickups would provide the power needed to turn this into a moderate high-end guitar. Some retooling might be necessary in the pickup routing, but it should last a while. Pretty well built.

Great guitar. It was my beginner guitar, and though i've moved on, this was a good one to practice on. If i had been too cheap to get another guitar, i would have changed the pickups and done some retooling work... but overall very sound.

aznnebulon rated this unit 4 on 2001-12-02.

I acquired this guitar from a local music shop. I had my eye on purchasing an ESP for some time, but always steered clear because of the price. Then I found the LTD series H-100 in this used shop in brand new condition! It didn't have a scratch to it! The previous owner must have babied it like none other! I paid abour $280 for it, which in my mind, was a steal, since it goes for about $300 at major stores, and doesn't come with a case. I was originally looking for a guitar with a Floyd Rose to it, but after seeing, and PLAYING this guitar, I couldn't refuse it! It was a wonderful purchase, and have had little to no problems with it since it was set up. Great Axe at an amazing price for it's quality level.

I love the neck. I would compare it to an Ibanez Wizard. It's really thin, and the frets are extra large, which I like, and the dots are small, nothing too obnoxious. I really like the tilt in the headstock, as it really does add a lot of sustain. The tuners are dead on every time, and since there's no trem, I have no tuning problem no matter how extreme the weather changes, and playing styles. The pickups are way hot! The bridge pickup will give you the most cutting tone with a blazing distortion. I use that with a Danelectro Fab-Tone and a seven band Trace Elliot EQ (among other toys!) and the sound kicks! The three was switch makes it easy to find the sound you want fast! The middle position is close to the Petrucci tone of the JPM models, with a little more "umph" to it. And the neck humbucker gives you a clunky sound like an acoustic, but still gives you sufficient high end clarity to play smooth leads. the knobs are slightly recessed into the body, as it is a carved top, which makes them a bit harder to knock around, and out of place when playing wildly. I own seven guitars, and this is the only one that, once in tune, will SING ever chord perfectly in tune, everywhere, anywhere on the neck. It amazes me how much more i can play, when not having to worry about tuning problems.

I wish the two humbuckers were four-lead pickups, so I could rewire it to do different coil combinations, or out of phase work. I like the easy knobs (vol. and tone) but wish there was a set for each pickup, or a blend know, or something more to play with. Also, when I got this, it wasn't very well set up, so there was a buzz on all the strings around the third fret and below, but a little tweak with the truss rod, and raising the bridge and tailpiece made all the difference in the world! And I still have incredible, fast action all the way up the neck!

Very high quality wood for the neck and body. Very solid, and substantial without the unneccessary weight. Great wine red finish. I love this guitars shape! It almost clings to you! Great access all the way up into the last couple frets, and a really cool contour on the back side that really "hugs your hip"!

I love this guitar! It's my main axe in the lineup of onstage, and studio stuff I use. I want to buy another one that I can use for onstage use and keep this one pristine, as it is such an incredibly guitar. If this went missing, short of crying for hours and having to make due with other guitars in my collection, I would run out and buy another one. I would expect to pay about 4 to 5 hundred for a guitar like this. Thanks to ESP for such an incredible guitar!

Alan Gyssler rated this unit 5 on 2001-07-03.

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