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I bought the guitar off MarsMusic for around $550. The model was on sale because they were discontinuing it and coming out with the H-302.

The neck of the guitar makes its extremely easy to move up and down the guitar. The jumbo frets and neck wide make it very comfortable to play. The back of the neck is not thick, so you can fit your hand all the way around the neck. The guitar is very easy to fret; you barely touch strings and its fretted. The EMG-HZ pickups give you massive gain and ring out.

The only problem I had with the guitar is corners of the plastic pickup cover started to crack a little.

This is a high quality guitar, you can tell by the glossy finish and construction.

It's definitely worth the money; I wouldn't take $1500 bucks for mine.

Andy Moore rated this unit 5 on 2002-09-11.

I got it from for 300 bucks (its worth 800) awesome price, awesome company.

everything, great neck, frets, pickups (can be upgraded easily unlike fender). it just rules

string rattling when you play clean but the pickups dont pick it up but its just annoying to play when you dont plug it in.

Great finish, neck, body, paintjob, and tune-o-matic tuner. awesome .

they have a new model out that is lower quality in my opinion so if you can find the one i have you;re in good shape. the pick ups arent as good as the ones i have i dont think.

LokeyDokes rated this unit 5 on 2001-12-21.

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