ESP LTD EX-100 Reviews 5

I bought the guitar from Musician's Friend on scratch and dent for about $140, I liked the look of the instrument.

The look was the main reason for the purchase since I was inexperienced when I bought it. However when it arrived I absolutely loved it out of the box. The setup was amazing, the neck felt good and the action was very fast.. The stock pickups lack a bit in the way of bite but once I raised them slightly they sounded very nice, with a very full distortion sound with plenty of attack, sustain, and harmonics. The black hardware is very nice too, I've never had a problem with either tone or volume knobs and the 3-way selector switch has functioned since day 1 without a hitch.

It's hard to keep clean, like all black glossy finishes. Also straps tend to dislike it somewhat as well it being neck-heavy, possibly due to the strap button positions. Really very little, I've loved the tone from day one.

It's taken a beating and keeps going, it's a well constructed, solid, good sounding guitar. Especially for the price I paid.

It's my main instrument, I swear by this guitar.

Phil rated this unit 5 on 2004-04-29.

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