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Used, GC, $300, about $750 new.

I've played every single guitar in GC. I love ESP and Jackson guitars. I've love the unique tone of strats, teles, LPS, and rickenbackers. But this particular ESP, is my favortie of all guitars in existence. I've been playing for four years and your first impression would probobly be, "This kids only been playing for 4 years, he has no idea what he's tlaking about." Well I know very much about guitars and I can just about play anything up to the insane Jason Becker endless arpeggos. I always wanted a guitar to make me even closer to the gods. I considered the JEM, the Jackson Soloist, the YJM scalloped Strat, Satriani Model, them all. But once I played all of those guitars for hours each I relaized that the sound and playability of my guitar was better the whole time. The tone on my guitar is sweeter than any other guitar I've ever heard. Replace the electronics and pickups when you buy this guitar with Dimarzio Super Distortions. I know there has to be a better guitar out there than an ESP/LTD (this is one of the best LTDs). I am very opened-minded about guitars. I first thought that maybe I'm just too used to my guitar that everyhting else seems like crap. But I play my strat equally as much, and I constantly am in the stores playing other guitars. Maybe ESP makes encredible guitars. Mine is from Japan. Maybe the Georg Lynch Models (minus the goddam seymour duncan demons) are amzing like people say. This guitar smokes.

Nothing. It is perfect. Pickups replacement is the most important thing. The schaller bridge is perfect. No problems. Comfortable. Most comfortable guitar I've ever played. ONLY THING: 1 5/8" neck width. I've got small fat hands so I like it. You might like the Jackson classic 2" wide necks. If so, get a Jackson Soloist (the $75 one).

HIGH, HIGH, HIGH, quality. Does not feel cheap like fernandes, brian moore, and many PRS guitars. Feels as solid as a classic 50's Les Paul. Beautiful guitar.

Well. You're looking for a guitar in the $600-$800 guitar range. I immedaitly say no GIBSON is at all good in this range (Real Gibsons start at $2000). Ibanez does not even count as a guitar company;they make crap besides the JEM and Satriani models. Carvins are magnificent guitars but $$$. Go for the high-end ESP/LDTs such as this one. Eventually get the pickups and electronics redone. You'll have a sweet axe. This guitar is my main guitar until I find something better. I have not yet. Nothing even compares to this guitar. I don't need a LP. I don't need any crazy guitars. THE AMP IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING ANYWAY. Well, I'm set for life. Try this guitar. Set it up right. Lock it up. Beautiful guitar. Nothing cheap about it. Good construction. Doesn't feel like a cheap peice of crap. Greatest guitar in my opinion.

Garufi rated this unit 5 on 2004-11-29.

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