ESP LTD MF-207 Reviews 3

I bought this guitar off of Musicians Friend and I got it because I am very interested in playing death metal. I paid $400 for it and it was worth the price, except the very few dislikes that I have.

I like this guitar but it's only good for death metal. But that's not much a problem for me since metal is what I play. I like the whole "Feel" of the guitar. It's not neck heavy and you have easy access to the upper frets.

I don't like the pickups. They are way too muddy and the only thing they are good for is Slipknot stuff..Which is something noone should ever play...ever...

It has a solid body that doesn't look like it'll break or be falling apart anytime soon. The tremelo system is about as good as your going to get with a liscensed unit. It's not as good as an original of course but it does the job fairly well...

Like I said, it's good for death metal. Just swap out the hz's for something a lot better. I've heard the emg-707 7 string pickups are the shit but I haven't played them. Get the guitar if your dedicated to upgrading it. It's an awesome guitar but the pickups are the only drawback.

Clint H. rated this unit 3 on 2003-03-21.

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