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I bought it at guitar Center for about $480.00 after tax, I got it used though. I was looking for a guitar with an HHSS set up this one was the one that was the closest to what I wanted so I got it. Later I found out it was a signature model... I had no idea of who S. Carpenter was... But I tell you one thing, he's got good taste on his guitars. I just liked the way it felt and sounded, come to find out I got an incredible deal since the guitar goes for about 799 before tax. Nice to know I didn't get ripped off.

Sweet fretboard, low action, very fast neck... in short a very confortable guitar to play. Unlike some other guitars I have, I can adjust this one very very low and it is still a pleasure to play it. Rich tone, the slanted humbucker gives you a strat like sound where the high gain humbucker is awesome for a heavy crunch and lead, the second humbucker is somewhere inbetween. Very versatile tone-wise yet simple, just a volume and a tone knob and a 5 way switch (just how I like it, simple). The fact that it has a straight tailpiece and it is a built-thru-neck are also factors, it gives you a lot more sustain and your tone is much fatter.

It could have a bit more tonal variety, even though the guitar is very versatile in itself it tends to suit more Hard Rock/Heavy Metal sounds, it doesn't really lean towards jazz and blues. But if you are into the Slash type of sounds but are more of a Strat guy this baby is for you.

Here's where it fails to satisfy... even though it's a beautiful instrument and it sounds very good the costruction is cheap, the guitar is so thin and light that it seems that it would break easily... (so don't even think about doing stunts with this one) the hardware is fine and the added locking tunners are a plus, I just wish it was a bit sturdier.

I would definitely get this guitar again, it sounds awesome and that's what matters. And the price/quality rate is great. And the confort + tone quality makes up for the lack of sturdiness.

forgottenking rated this unit 4 on 2004-07-09.

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