ESP M-202 Limited Edition Reviews 3

i bought this guitar out of my plan at tom lee music in vancouver b.c. i was browsing around the store and there it was thought it was a KH2 well looks like it. paid $799CAD bout $500USD.

i like the abalone inlays, double lock tremolo system and its black.the tone is also great it has a duncan design humbucker pick ups. the tone is great no muddy sound. no noisy feedbacks when playing high gain. this one good pick ups they put in there.

the paint finish sucked yah its black you can get finger prints all over plus it can get scratch easily. it also gets dented easily if you drop a pen tip first on the body i dont know how many plys of paint they put in there. its better if they laquered finish it.

its good quality and well built. its a basswood a little heavy.

this guitar is an average but its good. price tag is little to much. make sure if you buying one of these guitar try them first.

markieboi604 rated this unit 3 on 2003-06-28.

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