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I bought this guitar at for 250$ + tax & shipment.

The paintjob is great ( i have it in black ); the neck is pretty fast ( jumbo frets relly help with that ); the inlays look very cool, much better than in the picture; the strat shape is very well crafted; the single coil pick-up sounds great for clean pieces.

The hummbuckers aren't mean enough, they feel a little bit weak, and after a while of continuous play you kinda feel the sound a little dull; the screws and other hardware metal parts ( including the pieces of the floyd rose have the tendency to break very easily; the finish of the fretboard could be better; you really have to work a lot before you can make a compromise between action and the bridge position.

It's quite beautifully crafted, but looked at closely, it reveals some annoyng imperfections. The Floyd Rose works really well. About the quality, all i can say is : be careful how you handle it! especially when tightening screws and suck because the metal of which the parts are made is very easily breakeble....

It's definately not a bad guitar. I am quite happy with it for now, and i must mention that you probably can't get any better for this amount of money. It gets the maximum grade for quality/price.

Adrian Lici rated this unit 4 on 2004-04-23.

I got this from for $250. I bought this guitar because I heard a lot of good things about it, and also Richard of Rammstein uses the M-202 (Im a huge Rammstein fan), but they didnt have the M-202 in the color I wanted at the time, so I ordered the M-252 instead since they had it in black. The only difference between the M-252 and 202 is the extra single coil pickup.

This guitar is amazing. The pickups are very good for being the stock pickups. The floyd rose bridge really keeps in tune, and fine tuning is so easy.

I think that the stock strings they put on the guitar are total shit.I used the guitar for 4 days, and already 2 of the strings snapped right in half.(and it wasnt my fault I dont over abuse the strings, I abuse them, just not over abuse, lol) Restringing with the floyd rose is also quite a pain in the ass to deal with. On the input jack, there was a piece that was very loose and kept comming loose after i finger tightened it, but it can easily be fixed with a socket wrench. The white neck binding had some scratches on it, and it also looked dirty, the headstock binding looked dirty as well.

The guitar is very well crafted and built. The paintjob is great, even with the dirty look and scratches the bindings still really accent the color of the headstock and neck.

Im really glad I bought this guitar, its an amazing guitar, once I picked it up i played it for hours and hours on end. Id definitely suggest this guitar to anyone serious about playing the guitar, and to one who wants a well made, high quiality guitar, at a pretty good price.

Der Meister rated this unit 5 on 2003-04-21.

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