ESP M-55 Reviews 3

I bought it used from a friend for $100.

The 24-fret neck is great. It is so easy to solo with. I like the vintage tremolo, although it could use tightening a little bit to keep it in tune more often. Nice warm sound to the instument.

The pickups absalutely suck. Once you replace them with a couple of emg active humbuckers instead of the passive stock ones it comes with you'll be all set with a great sounding utiar, but don't expect it to ahve anything phenomenal using the stock pickups, just average for the price range(about $200 new).

Very solid construction. As long as you don't ride it down stairs you should be just fine. Beautiful black finish to the instrument.

Once you replace the stock pickups you have a great sounding guitar.

Zach rated this unit 3 on 2004-07-20.

I bought this guitar because i had a gay Fender. I payed $200.00.

I really like the neck, it's so comfortable. I can play those Metallica solos like a penis through a vagina.

I really hate the poser tremolo bridge. I'd rather have a floyd rose II tremolo bridge. I dont like the pickups either, they are just as sucky as fender's.

The construction is very reliable, it's quality is awesome. No problems w/ assembly.

I think this guitar is a good starter guitar. if you are just starting, u wont notice anything.

Metalli-Fan rated this unit 3 on 2002-12-13.

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