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My musical tastes had been getting faster and more intense for a long time, and eventually i needed a guitar to go with it. I bought it on Musiciansfriend right before going on a ten day trip, having never bought something so big online before, it was crazy. But I had been basically drooling over the idea of such a bad-ass looking guitar for ages. So one day i realized i actually had a way of getting my hands on it if i didnt blow all my money on this trip so i went for it. It came when i was gone, i paid $239

Well to start out with i love the looks of it. I mean come on, I rip open this box to a shining black flying V, it doesnt get much better than that. I like how long the neck is for sure, because my older guitars i had had didn't have as many frets, and it feels great standing up with a fairly tight strap. Actually i bought it to play in metal but it sounds amazing on a high pickup clean which i can really take advantage of, and overall i just like it alot.

Really the only thing i don't like is that it's a little heavy. Other than that there's things i wish it had like a whammy bar and some more knobs, but there's nothing that i didn't know i was buying thats bad.

I think like i said it's a little heavy because of the design, and because of the shape it's hard/impossible to play sitting down, but who the hell would play this thing sitting down anyway c'mon!

I think it's a great guitar for very cheap, perfect to have around when you need to split a few picks.

Roland rated this unit 4 on 2003-03-24.

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