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I ordered tis guitar off of and had no problems with gettting it shipped or anything like that. It actually came three days sooner than what I expected! I paid $300 for this baby and the original cost is somewhere around $800. So I saved a bit...I acquired this unit because the second I saw the picture, I just had to wait for it to arrive*

The guitar is a metal guitar. No doubt about it. The EMG-HZ H4 Set is a nice alternative to active pickups and the neck is totally fast. Low action, light weight body, definatley not neck-heavy. Overall this is a great deal.

As I said before, the EMG-HZ'S are a nice alternative but I'm still not toally satisfied with them. I have an EMG-81 I plan on installing into the lead section so that will improve the sound immensly. That is my only dislike...

Very stable, very reliable. This tank could survive WW3 and come back for seconds. It's that damn good. Light weight, set neck, there's nothing left to say...

Basically, if you play metal: Slayer, Kalmah, Arch Enemy, Nile, Cryptopsy, Cannibal Corpse. Then you need one of these. The tone is amazing compared to other guitars I've played and it's just a very stable guitar. You'll be very happy you got this one...

Clint H. rated this unit 5 on 2003-03-17.

I myself did not buy this guitar. Mainly because I am sixteen and don't really have money to throw around on guitars at the moment. My father though collects guitars, and he bought this guitar for me as a gift. It was bought from a Mars music store in Houston, Tx. We purchased it for around 560 dollars, plus tax.

The looks of this guitar are absolutely stunning. When I first saw this beast I immediately fell in love. The color is a metalic silver that really stands out in a crowd. What also stands out is it's size. Make no mistake about it; this V is as large as a gibson easily. The beveling along the outer edges of the axe truly give it flavor like no other flying Vee out on the market. This baby is truly unique. Many people I know have seen it and mistaken it for a much more expensive guitar. Not only does the guitar look great, but it plays equally well. The set neck is not really flat, but more sculpted to fit your hand. It's fast, and super comfterable. Even the guitars weight is never really a problem, seeing as how it is very well distributed throughout the whole guitar. The floyd rose never gives me any problems either.

I guess my main flaw with the guitar are the humbuckers. EMG-HZ's don't really sound respectable in my opinion, the tone is somewhat thin and light for my taste. So I would reccomend swapping out at least the bridge pickup for some high out put humbucker. For the moment I have a Seymour Duncan Invader in the bridge, but am going to have the guitar routed out to fit some EMG-81's in it. That'll cost around 220 bucks at my local guitar store. Considering the price of the guitar and it's looks though. Shelling out the money to hot rod this puppy is an easy decision.

The guitar's neck is set in. The paint is superb and without flaws. The humbuckers are bolted in. The floyd rose never gives me any problems, and the weight of the guitar is really un-noticeable. The construction is tight and solid. Just as good as any Gibson, or Jackson on the market. Only this guitar is a satisfying alternative V that stands out from it's peers.

The ESP V-350 is an incredible buy. Pro's and beginners alike will love it's look and feel. Just to reitirate myself...this one stands out from all the others. It has it's own character and doesn't feel bland or just merely a duplication. This is a solid purchase

Dustin L. rated this unit 5 on 2002-04-25.

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