Eagle STS-001 Reviews 3

bought this at 10/26/2000, from a music store in my city (Juiz de Fora - Brazil), it cost me about 130 us dollars

I like the look, the paint job is nice, the neck is ok too

don't like the pick-ups and the trem

the neck is maple with that top in rosewood, the body i don't know... it has a great finish for a low price guitar. the strings never detune...

it's an ok guitar for a begginer... shouldn't give you any trouble... you should only change the pick-ups... put a hambucker on the bridge. I like it, it's my first guitar... now i own an Ibanez but I wouldn't get rid of this baby at all

Rafael Nobre Rocha rated this unit 3 on 2001-11-17.

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