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I got this Acoustic guitar on ebay for 120 in December 2003 i needed a new guitar because i had been using a crappy made encore kids guitar for a while to pick up the basics.

what can i say about this guitar, Its great, i like almost everything about it, for a 120 electro-acoustic. It sounds great, Buzz less frets, and comes in 3 colours i choose the firey red colour but there was black, and natural i could have choose. I havnt come across Earthfire before but for a make that isnt very known i love its quality.

One thing and one thing only i dont like about it, is where the socket for the cable is. The place you plug in the wire is the same place you connect the strap to the base of the guitar and when u leave it plugged in and place standing up-right it topples. I would prefer it to have been placed on the side. where it wouldnt cause this problem.

The quality is excellent. If u tip the guitar on its front no pieaces of wood fly about, nothing falls out. This is its specs coppyed on a website:- Tiger flame Electro acoustic 6 string guitar by Earthfire. Super tone!Striped maple high gloss top. Diecast nickel machine heads. Edge bound rosewood fingerboard. Polished nickel frets. Thru-strung rosewood bridge. Sapele back and sides. 4-band graphic EQ. End pin jack. Abelone inlays and rose. Multiple edge binding with black centre inlay. All in all Excellent.

BUY IT its great for the price paid and concidering its a electro-acousitc, im not a pro but im not a very begginer, so if you've finished learning the basics and want to pick up a cheap guitar to practise a little harder on this is for you, This guitar would even be great for pros and giging.

Louis Varley (Superfly) rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-25.

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