Eastwood May Queen Reviews 4

Eastwood's remake of the 60's Teisco May Queen. Small guitar shaped kind of like a drop but with a single cutaway/bout. Ebony with off-white pickguard. Guitar is chambered and very light and small. Antique vibrato and roller bridge. Stays in tune pretty well and set neck gives the toy-like lightness of the guitar some stability and solidness. Mini-HBs are great and guitar sounds good dirty or clean. Clean with some verb and you've got a good sixties pop sound. Drive it and the HBs are pretty powerful and the guitar belies its dinky size. Eastwood doesn't make them anymore.

Bought from craigslist $300 I think new they were selling $399 ten years ago. They don't make these anymore and this was mint condition so I'm OK with that. Not a collector by any means but a balanced guitar that plays well and is a step out of the norm.

Good sound with good amp vibrato w/roller bridge mini-HBs finish

tuning finding a case

good, body is semihollow but no holes. Glossy poly finish is nice. set neck done well, no gaps. well-dressed medium frets

Love it but only for its uniqueness. It doesn't replace anything but can fill in anywhere.

Mark rated this unit 4 on 2010-04-04.

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