Eden ECX112N Combo Reviews 2

This combo amp is basic black carpet-covered cab with the brushed-gold Eden WXT260 bass head built in. 250 Watts RMS, 1 12" speaker and tweeter. Kickback handle on the bottom. 45 pounds. I've played bass professionally for 45 years.

Purchased used from Ebay for $600. I needed a portable combo for wedding and party gigs. A friend had an Eden head with a 410 cab, and I had read good reviews of the combos online.

This combo amp was portable -- only 45 pounds. Well contsructed and nice features -- compressor, bass boost, etc.

Despite the reviews I'd read and my friend's recommendation, I simply couldn't get this amp to achieve the sound I wanted with my Lakland 5501 bass. No amount of twiddling with the knobs produced a tone I could live with, as opposed to the Genz-Benz NEOX 400 combo I was using at church at the same time. The GB was plug-and-play hi-fi sound. Not so the Eden. Also, at 250 watts, this unit should have been ablr to keep up with my wedding band, but it was continually blown out by my pianist's setup. Maybe we were just too loud, but I expected more.

Very solidly constructed and portable.

The Eden ECX112N combo bass amp is portable and very well constructed. However, it wasn't 'plug and play' great sounding, as are the Genz-Benz amps I favor. A lot of tweaking didn't produced the instant hi-fi sound I was after. I would recommend this amp for upright use or in small acoustic combos without drums, or where the amp is used only as a stage monitor. Competing against drums, keyboard and guitar, it couldn't keep up.

Laklander rated this unit 2 on 2010-01-20.

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