Eden Metro Combo Reviews 2

I purchased two of these units from The Bass Centre, Birmingham. They were 1500 each with covers.

For sheer punch and power from such small speakers, this amp is second to none. The parametric varients are also invaluable. I can change from a vintage, mellow, fat bassy sound or a badass Flea (chili peppers) slap sound by pressing a foot-switch and using the two channels. The amount of air pushed it tremendous and feels like I'm standing in front of a Mesa Boogie stack!!

In a word, Reliability!! Both of these amps has been returned to base at least 4 times in the first year. The jack inputs are absolutely useless. They have been replaced several times as has the channel selector switch. The quality of the amplifier and the speaker enclosure is fantastic but useless if the amp loses power all the time!!!

Build quality is excellent and looks great. The speaker ports are second to none as is all the hand wired circuitry. The durability I can't comment on as they only work for short periods before being returned to supplier!!!

Fantastic Amplifiers if only they would work!! get all the gremlins out and this will be the best bass combo on the market!!

Mooky Starr rated this unit 2 on 2003-10-10.

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