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Bought this unit on the Internet, got more than a great deal @ 700$. I chose this unit because of the great reviews I read on the web and based on the tech specs, size and weight.

At the risk of repeating myself, the weight 47 lbs, the small size. This unit is so portable you can't find a reason not to take it with you anywhere. The 250 watt rms amp is also more than enough to deliver a powerfull clean deep tone with crisp clear highs, my god the slides on this... The D.I and Tuner outputs on the back of the unit. Great access to the controls, the enhance level setting is one great feature. The unit has an auto-compressor which, when turned on ajusts itself according to the gain level you dial-in, higher gain means higher comp.

Nothing so far.

The Engineering of this unit is quite nice. The way the unit looks from the front (audience perspective), you don't see the amp, looks like a 2 X 10 cab, but where's the amp? On the top of the unit are easily accessible controls, bass input and power button. The D.I output, gain control, tuner, speaker on, effects loop and most importantly the cooling system so leave some breathing room in the back when you set up shop guys. It feels quite sturdy, I've just got the unit last Thursday and went on a gig yesterday, wow was so nice to carry not lug around.

I have tried the unit with both my Warwick Streamer LX Jazzman 4 and my Ibanez EDA 905 with and without the Boss ME-50B plugged in. Setup with tuner plugged in the back, a must in live situations. Played it live yesterday church with 450 seating capability. Plugged in the D.I in the back (one less tripwire to worry about) ajusted the gain to 50%. The sound guy was impressed,no clipping occuring when usually he has to play around with the compressor in the back. Got many comments on how the bass suddenly came through and delivered warm round tones and retained all the articulations in the mids and highs. I play everything from Pink Floyd to Metallica to Gospel. And I love practicing Stu Hamm and Vic Wooten techniques and this baby taps slaps, picks and grits like there's no tomorrow I mean it sounds heavier than a 15 inch. Bottom line is, try it before you buy something else, and if you need more power then go to the 212 with 320 watts amp but do give yourself the chance to "experience the tone through Eden's voice". That is my own quote and you'll understand when you try it out.

Eric rated this unit 5 on 2005-01-18.

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