Eden Valvetech VT300A Reviews 2

Aquired new at bassplayer sydney purpose: Full valve technology for authentic blues and rock sound. AUD $2,600 odd

Great sound comes with foot switch system with compression, mute, overdrive and equaliser Not exactly certain as to how much direct control one gets over these aspects of the foot switch but its a very cool idea and it looks good.. Front panel controls easy to operate and provide a dynamic range.

unreliable. unit returned for repairs within 3 months of purchase. The unit was really not pushed that hard. Other issues, the rear panel has a 4/8 ohm switch. Its awkward to use. The overdrive distorts under active input but appears more settled with a passive input.

construction: solid and good but really heavy to carry.

Great unit if you want that true valve sound. Excellent tonality and true harmonics BUT....Big question mark over reliability and durability. My overall rating of 2 is heavily influenced by the factor of unreliability.

Ross Adler rated this unit 2 on 2003-10-29.

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