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I purchased this rackmount unit at a Mcfaddyn retailer in Myrtle Beach, SC. nearly a year ago. I actually got a huge bargain, $1100. The Unit retails near $1800.

I have had them all, but this would have to be the Mack Daddy of the bass amps I've owned. It has an ultra quiet DI, pre and post stereo effects loop (stereo on the post). The unit will Biamp at 400 watts per Cab, or can be run in bridge mode for a whopping 800 watts at 8 ohms !!! The Semi-parametric Eq will supply whatever tone shapping you may be looking for, while eden also incorporates its own proprietary 'enhance' circuit, which has a similar effect as a sonic maximizer for a clear crisp signal. The input pad is also run thru a selectable compression circuit, which is controlled by the pre-gain circuit. (a little strange, but effective). Bottom line.....If its a clean pumping, stronge modern sound your after, this is the one.

The addition of binding posts to the rear of the unit is nice, but they stick out a bit to far for the average rack, and the convenience of leaving connections plugged in is lost on this unit, no room in a standard amp rack. You'd need an extra deep rack. The DI xlr connection seems as though it should be reversed due to the fact the DI attenuation knob is to close to reach the release of the mic cable, once plugged in.

The WT800 is a very sturdy metal cased unit, and one thing inherent with heavy duty construction, and lots of power is weight. Be sure to rack mount this baby, too heavy, and too much dough to be dropping this one. This amp weighs in at 26 lbs, all by itself. Once you add a few other rack units, and a rack case, the weight is up there. All front Attenuators are face mounted, which cuts down on circuit board stresses.

Over all, there is always a con with with the best advantages. The real truth is judged by the ears, and whether its studio, or live use, this amp delivers. Do some stomach crunches before picking this unit though. I still like it, and I never give anything a 5.

Kreativebass rated this unit 5 on 2001-11-06.

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