Electar 60W Bass Amp Reviews 4

I acquired this amp from MusicYo.com, along with their Focus 420 S Bass Guitar, as a beginner's rig. The amp itelf was $120.00

I was skeptical about the amp, since I'd not heard of the brand before. Surprisingly, it's been very serviceable, and now serves as our church's in-house bass amp (run by direct box into the sound system); It's nice to have the "Notch" control (akin to "Tone" on the bass) to fine tune the sound. The sound output is high for an amp this size.

Two things frustrate me about the amp; 1) As the volume goes up, there's a rattle in the enclosure that I can't seem to get rid of. Fortunately, I'm using it mainly as a monitor, so the volume doesn't have to get way up there. 2) That big "Retro E" logo on the front panel drives me nuts, but it's only cosmetic.

The cabinet looks and feels sturdy. I've not had any ill effects from the bumps and bangs it undergoes on a regular basis. IT has a single 12" speaker, 3 EQ knobs, a "Notch" control, and volume control. Low and High output jacks and a single input jack. And of course, there's the big E on the front that I can't stand.

Bottom line: As a personal practice amp or on-stage monitor, I think it's great. The price was perfect for a beginner amp, and I feel that for my purposes, I got more than what I paid for.

Shawdad rated this unit 4 on 2004-10-28.

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