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Purchased from MusicYo.com For $108

It's a great little practice amp with authentic tube tone. Controls include gain, volume, and 3-band eq. (treble, mid and bass). Other features include Power and Standby switches, preamp out, external speaker out, and an 8" speaker in a closed back cabinet (which adds a little bass response). It uses a 12AX7 in the preamp and a 6L6 power tube. I have used it and a Marshall solid state (G50RCD) for home recording, and I find I far prefer the warmer sound of the Tube 10. Playing a Fender Strat through it, I can get nice classic rock and bluesy tones. With an Epi Casino, I get an even nicer blue tone and a very round, clean jazz sound. To me, it gives the best price/performance value available in a small tube amp!

There's not much to not like.

The unit is very solidly constructed with metal corner caps. Parts fit and finish is good, with no visible defects. The tubes are protected from bumps and jostles by a metal mesh protective cover. The controls have a nice smooth feel to them. The first Tube 10 I received developed a short after I had it about six weeks. In spite of their 30-day return policy, the MusicYo folks did not hesitate to offer a replacement. I have had no subsequent problems.

If you are looking for a great little practice or recording amp, you'll have a hard time beating the Tube 10 at any where the price!

BlueBandit rated this unit 5 on 2001-11-01.

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