Electar XM1204 powered mixer Reviews 5

Why got it: recently put a system in a church:Mackie408M with 2 Mackie C300 ceiling cabinets. Like everything, except the inputs. wanted XLR, mono, and stereo, and enough of them. Where: a loaner that this time. Paid:None Yet. asking $299

4 GOOD xlr (you can feel the phantom)ins, 4 mono in, and 4 stereo in. That means I plug everybody jamming right into this one little box. We fed the out to the computer and go CD quality sound (Shure mics), not a hiss or scratch. If I am not mistaken, we had paid more for one of our microphones than what we are being asked for this powered mixer.

no SPDIF for true digital output. only 200 watt, (100x2) so gonna need some more gear if to jam outside.

Seems sturdy. We are carrying it like a human baby though because it is a loner

Buy it for recording purposes or a small indoor gig. If you need true digital/optical, this one does not have optical or S/PDIF. If you want to jam bigtime, this is ideal too, but will require a big amp to boost the power (only 100Wx2)

kingsportvijay rated this unit 5 on 2002-09-18.

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