Electar 4 Special PA Rig Reviews 5

Bought this unit online from MusicYo! for $199 plus shipping. I intend to use it for vocals in my acoustic-based band.

It's small, lightweight, and packs enough power to use in small to medium sized clubs and still be heard. 4 channels each with Hi-Z and Lo-Z inputs. Each individual channel as well as the Main has it's own 2 band EQ and Effects control. There are also provisions for a CD/Tape player input to play recorded music during breaks.

The first power head was received with a dead channel. Notified MusicYo! and they replaced it RIGHT AWAY. I wish it had a seperate amplifer to drive monitors but that doesn't impact ther functionality of the unit. I just connect the monitors right off the main speakers.

Construction and quality seem good. Aside from the initial power head with a channel that was DOA, I don't have any complaints.

For it's size and price, you'll be hard pressed to find a better system, IMO. The 60 watts is all I need for acoustic gigs. I added a set of speaker stands that I got on sale for $50.00/pr. and a set of small, lightweight floor monitors for $75.00 and for $325, put together a complete PA system that we can take on gigs.

Les rated this unit 5 on 2004-03-09.

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